Amperity is a customer data platform that helps companies to unify their customer data from multiple sources, such as online and offline purchases, loyalty programs, customer service interactions, and more.

This platform uses machine learning to create a comprehensive view of each customer, allowing companies to personalize marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and increase sales. Amperity's platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it a valuable tool for companies of all sizes and industries.

MetaRouter and Amperity work in harmony to bridge the gap between offline data and online unknown data in one place. MetaRouter can enhance users offline data by passing both unknown and known online data to Amperity. Amperity then allows user to build a complete picture of their customer and where to reach them.


  • Audience Tracking
  • CDP Integration
  • CCPA Category: Targeting (C0004)
  • Sync Injector Recommended

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What do I need to integrate?

From Amperity


What Identifiers are Required?


Friendly Name

Additional Information

Sync Connection

anonymousId MetaRouter Anon-ID Required

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How do I configure MetaRouter's Sync Injector?

How the sync works

On the first page load, the MetaRouter sync injector sends the Anonymous ID as the first-party ID. On additional identity calls, the sync injector can also accept PII to complete the ID graph.


What is the Required Event Payload?

Field Friendly Name Additional Information
anonymousId MetaRouter Anon-ID Required

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MetaRouter Documentation 

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Where is Additional Documentation?